How to Peel a Print-it Sticky Note or Post-it

  • 23 December 2022

We use post-it or Print-it sticky notes quite often in meetings, brainstorming sessions, reminders and in mapping exercises as it is convenient.
But very often the sticky notes did not stay at the place where you place and eventually falling down. Why?
This is because we have been using post-it notes the wrong way: Here’s how to use it correctly!
Image 1

Image 2

Most of us peel print-it sticky notes from the bottom, but that ends up making the notes curl where the adhesive is. The traditional way of peeling Post-it or Print-it Sticky notes is actually not the correct way. Every time we pulled a Print-it sticky note off the pad from the bottom up, we are actually creating a curled-up paper.
If you use post-it or Print-it sticky note frequently, you’ll realize that pulling the post-it out usually leaves the sticky part curly and when it eventually gets pasted somewhere it’ll end up protruding out and it easily fall off.
There is a correct way to tear the post-it or Print-it sticky notes. Most of us peel sticky notes from the bottom up, which results in the sticky part curling up. It turns out there’s a right and a wrong way to peel Print-it sticky notes (aka Post-It notes). Think side-to-side, not bottom-to-top.

To avoid the curling, the correct way to peel a post-it or Print-it sticky notes is from the side like this:
Image 3

If you pull the paper from the side, something magical happens. The note comes away straight as a board! Look how much more space you have to write on — enough room for at least three or four more letters.
Start at the left of the pad and pull the note to the right (or vice versa). And it will result in a flat-lying note. Your notes will have a better chance of sticking to the wall, your monitor, and anything else.

Pulling up the Print-it sticky notes from bottom ruins the adhesive (sticky side) of the notes. This is because the sticky notes bend and cause a contour and it falls to the ground.
We have to peel the sticky notes the right way so it wont ruin the adhesive or bend it. The right technique is to peel it from the sides > from right to left or left to right, which will not ruin the adhesive and also the post-it or Print-it sticky notes will not bend in the process. It makes the sticky notes last long on the surface.